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Empowering millions to quit smoking

With almost 40 million Americans still smoking cigarettes, it’s time for a real smoking cessation solution. That’s why Pivot created a comprehensive digital program that makes quitting attainable.

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Smoking isn't just a problem of the past.
But it doesn’t have to be part of the future.

Smoking is on the rise in the U.S., but traditional smoking cessation solutions have failed to meet the needs of those looking to reduce or quit, creating immense negative impact on individuals, employers, and health plans.

Physical health

Smoking agitates diabetes, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal issues, COPD, cancer, and more. Smoking cessation has been shown to reduce, slow, and stop condition progression.

Mental health

Smoking increases the likelihood of depression, anxiety, and stress. Reducing and quitting tobacco use leads to a reduction in stress and can result in a healthier mental state.

Financial wellbeing

Those who smoke may spend over $150,000+ on cigarettes in their lifetime. Cutting back or quitting means dollars can be put toward savings or even a reward for a new smoke-free lifestyle.


People who smoke can spend up to 300 hours a year on smoke breaks. When quitting, individuals can be more present in situations like work, relationships, and other social settings.

The modern, holistic smoking cessation solution everyone’s been waiting for

Pivot was built to be different. Developed with proven behavioral therapies and clinical science in mind, the program provides members with flexible and accessible ways to reduce and quit smoking.   

Most importantly, Pivot is proven to work. Tools like the FDA-cleared Breath Sensor are clinically-validated to increase motivation, and the program itself has a track record of long-term success and quits that stick.


Pivot has the first carbon monoxide (CO) Breath Sensor created to help make reducing and quitting smoking easier

3 years

Clinical studies found that Pivot members remained tobacco-free for at least 3 years

Up to 95%

Pivot members reported up to 95% satisfaction upon using the program

There's a reason why Pivot is the best way to quit smoking
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Age-old problems require
modern day solutions

Pivot is on a mission to change how the world approaches tobacco cessation. Through a powerful mix of established behavioral models and a unique suite of digital tools, Pivot makes it easier to quit successfully.

FDA-cleared Breath Sensor

This discrete, engaging, and fun carbon monoxide (CO) device helps users visualize their progress in reducing the amount they smoke. It’s clinically proven to increase motivation to quit and reduce number of cigarettes per day.

Mobile App

Access personalized content anywhere, anytime, that grows with participants throughout their entire quit journey. Pivot’s mobile app is the hub for accessing coaching, community, and hundreds of learning and skill-building paths.


Participants can engage with their Pivot coach anywhere, anytime. Coaches are not only specialists in smoking cessation, but are also real people, helping build confidence and navigating the unknowns, acting as trusted educators throughout the entire quit journey.


Members never have to quit smoking on their own. Beyond utilizing Pivot coaches, those who smoke can find support, encouragement, and motivation with other like-minded individuals on similar quit journeys in the community.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine replacement therapy allows members to handle cravings and reduce withdrawals. Available in gum, lozenges, and patches, participants can work with their coach to select what works best for their journey.

Created for those
using more than one tobacco product

56% of members from a Pivot study noted that they use more than one tobacco product, which is why members can select the tobacco they use, customizing  lessons, tools, and coaching received in-app.

Along with cigarettes and cigars, Pivot supports people who vape, chew, smoke hookah, use nicotine pouches, or use any other forms of nicotine or tobacco.

Real-world success stories

I no longer smell like a walking ash tray. I can breath again. I am proud of myself for quitting.


I used to go out behind my shop and smoke on my breaks. Now I just go out there and really take a break.


I'm enjoying being a non-smoker way to[o] much to go back now!


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