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No one should have to quit alone

Pivot connects members with a community of current and former nicotine and tobacco users, all actively supporting each other on their respective journeys.

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Learn and celebrate

From the moment members enter Pivot, they’re able to share their story while learning from others. After all, when it comes to reducing and quitting, there’s power in numbers.

Success is defined in many ways, which is why members are encouraged to celebrate within the community. A virtual high-five is just one way to amplify success.

Two-way support

Everyone has a unique story when it comes to quitting smoking, vaping, or another form of tobacco. Oftentimes, it helps to know that experiences are shared.

Receive support - and give support to - others in the Pivot community on in every stage of quit and tap into the collective wisdom of Pivot members.


There are 10,000+ members in the Pivot community


100% of community members are current or former tobacco/nicotine users


On average, 50 new posts are added to the Pivot community every day

It’s time to create some community
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Judgment-free zone

In the Pivot community, members are human beings, meaning labels aren’t relevant. It’s a chance for all to be themselves, without the added fear of judgment.

The community provides acceptance, acknowledgement, support, and confirmation that the journey members are on is positive and one to be shared.

Real-world success stories

I tried quitting before but it wasn't until Pivot did I get all the help and support that I so badly needed.


Quitting smoking is hard to do on your own. Having all of that support is so helpful.


Pivot isn't like any other program I have tried. They are not here to force you or guilt you into quitting. They are here to support you with the goals you set for yourself.


Pivot is the best way to quit

Members can kick-start their personalized journey from the moment they enter the Pivot mobile app, easily accessing program features at any stage of quit.

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