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Empower all to a vape-free future

With over 10.9 million U.S. adults using vape products, it's an ever-present, growing problem. That's why Pivot has created a modern solution that encourages physical, mental, and financial freedom from vaping.

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Vaping impacts health and wellbeing

Contrary to popular believe, vaping isn’t a safe alternative to smoking. In fact, using vaporized nicotine negatively impacts a person’s physical and mental health, in addition to draining productivity and overall financial well-being.

Physical health

Vaping can disrupt normal lung function and cause severe lung injuries, increase cardiovascular risks, elevate chances of nicotine poisoning, cause oral irritation and decay, and even death.

Mental health

Vape users have 2x the odds of being diagnosed with depression compared to those who have never vaped. Vaping has also been shown to increase anxiety.

Financial wellbeing

Employees who vape may spend up to $200,000 in their lifetime on vaping products, making it more difficult to make ends meet, resulting in greater burnout and stress levels.


Those who vape often do so during work, family, and common lifestyle situations, causing a distruption in their process. In fact, 52.1% of people say vaping decreases workplace productivity.

The modern, holistic solution needed to
reduce and quit vaping

Pivot helps make it easier to regain a healthier life - whether only vaping or vaping while using cigarettes or another form of tobacco. Offering a custom program based on user-specified needs, members will find support and motivation throughout their entire quit journey.

Whereas smoking can be counted by cigarettes consumed, vaping is more complex, requiring a unique understanding of individual habits. It's why those who vape require digital tools and support for their needs.

Pivot turns progressive changes into long-term success
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Mobile app

Access personalized vape content anywhere, anytime during a member's entire quit journey. Pivot’s mobile app is the hub for accessing coaching, community, and hundreds of learning and skill-building paths.


Vape members can engage with their assigned coach anytime, anywhere. Coaches are not only specialists in handling vape cessation, but they also help members build confidence, navigate the unknowns of vape cessation, and act as educators throughout the entire quit journey.


Members never have to quit vaping on their own. Beyond utilizing Pivot's coaches, those who vape can find support, encouragement, and motivation with other like-minded individuals on similar quit journeys in the community.

Pivot was created with dual-users
in mind

Around 56% of members from a Pivot study use more than one form of tobacco. That’s why Pivot is optimized for those who do just that, offering unique approaches, tools, and coaching.

Along with cigarettes, Pivot supports vape, chew, hookah, nicotine pouches, cigars, and all other forms of nicotine delivery.

Real-world success stories

What surprised me the most was how quickly I was able to quit with the help of my coach and the patches. Not only did she support the quitting aspect - she also encouraged my everyday concerns.


It helped more than me –– it helped me and my significant other quit. It's awesome that it helped us both.


Out of all the [quit apps] I’ve used this one has been the most enjoyable. And least annoying.


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