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Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Manage withdrawals and cravings

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) makes it easier to manage cravings and reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Members can explore whether NRT is right for them from the Pivot mobile app.

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medical experts and clinical studies agree

NRT helps improve the odds of success for those
looking to quit using tobacco.


On-demand relief for nicotine cravings. Available in a variety of flavors. A great on-the-go option for members.


An alternative to gum for on-demand relief.
Great for members who prefer the experience of a mint or hard candy.


A steady, low dose of nicotine delivered throughout the day to prevent intense cravings so members can focus on their lives instead.

Up to 12 Weeks of NRT

Receive up to 12 weeks of NRT as part of the Pivot program, dependent on program duration.

Coaching Support

Like other aspects of the Pivot program, selecting NRT is personal. Coaches provide guidance on which strength and style of NRT will work best for each member’s unique needs.

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Change the way quitting is done
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Quitting has never been more convenient

NRT can be ordered directly within the Pivot mobile app for quick doorstep delivery.

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Real-world success stories

What surprised me the most was how quickly I was able to quit with the help of my coach and the patches. Not only did she support the quitting aspect - she also encouraged my everyday concerns.


The [breath sensor] for the [CO] levels was easy to use. And the Pivot program also helped me with smoking cessation products to encourage me to use them to make my quit day solid!


Not every day is perfect, but having the app, the access to the CO sensor and NRT gives me the confidence that I can [do] this.


Pivot is the best way to quit

Members can kick-start their personalized journey from the moment they enter the Pivot mobile app, easily accessing program features at any stage of quit.

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