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Rethink the way you choose to quit

Whether you’re ready to quit, looking to learn, or want to track how much you’re smoking, vaping, or using other tobacco products, Pivot can help.

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Pivot doesn’t start with quit

Instead, choose the path most authentic to your hopes, goals, and unique timeline, empowering you to gain a better understanding of your habits before setting a definitive quit date.

Pick your journey

Create a plan based on your needs and desires, at your pace. Use the mobile app to set goals like learning, reducing, preparing to or maintaining your quit, which can be adjusted at any point in time.

Build skills and motivation

Learn how your habits impact your life. Leverage your Pivot coach or the community for insights, building new skills as you go, whether you smoke, vape, or use another form of tobacco.

Practice quitting

Quit for an hour, 90 minutes, or even a day before taking on a bigger commitment. Your assigned coach will provide support and tips to improve success.

Set a quit date

You’re not on your own when you decide to quit. Gain further perspective by using the Pivot community and chat with others on their own path to quitting.

Successfully quit and maintain

Pivot doesn’t end when you’ve met your goal. Receive continued access to your coach, the community, and tools to help maintain your quit for as long as you need.


Members find motivation increases 75% with use of the Breath Sensor


Pivot's mobile app is available 24/7 for around the clock support


Members find 3.6x more success when working with a Pivot coach


Pivot is different than any other quit program

Effectively combining digital technology and behavioral science, members receive help at any stage of their quit journey.

Created by a tobacco-centric clinical team and backed by years of research, clinical studies, and feedback from those who smoke, vape, and use other forms of tobacco, Pivot was developed for success.

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Everyone's journey is different

That’s why Pivot was created - customized to fit individual needs of program members

Real-world success stories

I have much less anxiety and stress. I am not trying to figure out how to buy more cig[arette]s when I have no money.


I love my new enhanced senses of smell/taste. I love not always feeling like I need to stop what I’m doing to go smoke. I truly love not spending all that money every day!


I was so moved by my first breath sample that it motivated me to quit smoking. This thing sold itself right there.