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The human cost of nicotine and tobacco use is on the rise, impacting mental and physical health while increasing common chronic condition risks.

With Pivot, reducing tobacco use amongst health plan members is now easier and more effective.

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50 million people in the U.S. use tobacco, costing health plans hundreds of millions of dollars yearly.

Tobacco cessation is essential to manage chronic conditions and improve health outcomes

Nicotine and tobacco use impacts a variety of comorbidities, like diabetes, cancer, asthma, COPD, and mental health in the short- and long-term, leading to excess, easily preventable member medical costs.


Quitting reduces chances of a major coronary event by more than 50% in one to three years.

Mental Health

Tobacco users are more likely to experience depression and anxiety. While smoking and vaping increase stress, cessation has been proven to reduce it.


Tobacco consumption can raise blood sugar levels, is associated with insulin resistance, and increases the risk of diabetic complications.


Tobacco use causes 80-90% of COPD cases. Quitting is the only reliable way to stop or slow progression.


40% of all cancer is related to smoking. Quitting improves the prognosis of cancer patients.


Tobacco use causes a 17% increased risk of bone fractures by age 60.


Members find motivation increases 75% with use of the Breath Sensor


Pivot's mobile app is available 24/7 for around the clock support


Members find 3.6x more success when working with a Pivot coach

Pivot’s program is highly engaging and produces real results, inspiring better health outcomes


Pivot provides a fresh approach to quitting by utilizing breakthrough technology, developed by the industry’s leading experts and medical professionals. The program employs proven cognitive behavioral science techniques to help at all stages of quit.


Pivot’s FDA-cleared carbon monoxide (CO) Breath Sensor allows members to track progress, and is clinically-proven to increase motivation and reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day.

Additionally, Pivot’s numerous clinical and peer reviews ensure that health plans have an effective program to offer their members, including clinically-demonstrated multi-year outcomes.

Improve health outcomes with the industry's leading cessation solution
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Everyone's journey is different

That’s why Pivot was created - customized to fit individual needs of program members

Tobacco cessation is essential to chronic condition management and healthier populations

Reaching those who use tobacco and nicotine has never been easier. Enroll more people, gain detailed program insights, and maintain compliance, all with minimal effort.

See high member enrollment and engagement
High member enrollment & engagement

Tap into Pivot’s expert marketing team to engage those who smoke, vape, or use other forms of tobacco. Customize the program experience based on needs. Access seasonal campaigns optimized to drive engagement and increase enrollment by between 5-10x seen when using a standard tobacco cessation program.

See high member enrollment and engagement
Outcomes insights

Receive detailed insights into program performance, including savvy, data-driven outcomes and success measures through demographic reporting.

Enhanced member satisfaction

Members love the Pivot Breath Sensor and personalized program experience delivered through their health plan, driving loyalty and program adherence for successful outcomes.

Easy implementation & maintenance

Pivot is up and running in around 30 days. Specify program requirements, engage in testing, and review marketing materials - Pivot does the rest, eliminating any heavy lifting! 

Secure & compliant

Pivot is HIPAA-compliant and has obtained SOC 1 and SOC 2 clearance. The Pivot Breath Sensor is the first FDA-cleared carbon monoxide device, available to program members who smoke cigarettes.

Secure and compliant

Health providers trust Pivot

Real-world success stories

I no longer smell like a walking ash tray. I can breath again. I am proud of myself for quitting.


I used to go out behind my shop and smoke on my breaks. Now I just go out there and really take a break.


I'm enjoying being a non-smoker way to[o] much to go back now!


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