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Empower employees
to breathe easier

Pivot helps employees regain control of their health and wellbeing by quitting smoking, vaping, or more. Employers gain happier, productive employees along with cost savings for better business outcomes.

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Tobacco use is on the rise, driven by the newfound popularity of vaporized nicotine and  increased personal and professional stressors in recent years.

Tobacco cessation is essential for delivering effective wellness programs

Why? An extra $8,000 is spent per tobacco user, per year, negatively affecting areas like health care claims and productivity. Now more than ever, employers need a proven and successful tobacco cessation program within their benefits portfolio.

Pivot is unlike any other
tobacco cessation program

Offer employees a comprehensive, personalized solution driven by unique cessation goals. With Pivot, it is easier to increase member satisfaction and positive outcomes, as well as the likelihood of continued enrollment.


The FDA-cleared carbon monoxide (CO) Breath Sensor is proven to help motivate and reduce tobacco use, letting those who smoke cigarettes track their CO levels in real time.


It's easy to sign up and interact with the Pivot program via the mobile app. Members can use Pivot any time, any where.


Members gain access to dynamic content based on personal goals, including 200 learning paths and lessons, dedicated 1:1 coaching, and a supportive peer community.


The Pivot program was designed to be flexible by allowing members to build a personalized quit journey. Pivot also accommodates those who use more than one tobacco product.

Top 3

Employers rank tobacco cessation as one of their top 3 benefits offerings


80% of employees who use tobacco report that they are likely to participate in an employer-provided tobacco cessation program


96% of employees who use tobacco use it while on the job


The best solution for employers and employees alike

High enrollment and engagement

Pivot’s dedicated team of marketing experts create unique marketing materials for each organization, shown to reach and enroll 5-10x more than standard tobacco cessation programs.

See high member enrollment and engagement
Delighted members

Gain objective program performance insights demographic and reasonable alternative reporting, including key indicators of enrollments, engagement, quit progress, and so much more!

Easy implementation and maintenance

Pivot can be easily implemented into benefits programs in 30 days. All that's required is finalizing program requirements, eligibility files (if necessary), and approval of engagement and marketing materials. Pivot does the rest, including outreach, enrollment, program execution, and reporting.


Pivot is HIPAA-compliant and has obtained SOC 1 and SOC 2 clearance. The Pivot Breath Sensor is the first FDA-cleared carbon monoxide device for members who smoke cigarettes.

See high member enrollment and engagement
Help employees start quitting tobacco today
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Everyone's journey is different

That’s why Pivot was created - customized to fit individual needs of program members

Optimize your wellness budget

Wellness budget optimization

Pivot is the only tobacco cessation program that offers the option to bill through claims or to invoice through wellness program budgets.

That way, the only thing employers need to decide with their wellness program is how quickly to get Pivot up and running.

Pivot partners with Virgin Pulse

Pivot is proud to partner with Virgin Pulse, the #1 health and wellbeing platform, to provide the most comprehensive digital tobacco cessation program to employers, health plans, and health systems nationwide.

Pivot partners with Virgin Pulse

Real-world success stories

It has really helped my ability to concentrate on my job because I’m not always thinking about smoking.


Without rushing around and plotting my next break or ride off the property I have been more clear headed and [am] able to focus on work tasks and get things done in a faster more efficient manner.


I was so moved by my first breath sample that it motivated me to quit smoking. This thing sold itself right there.


The true financial impact of employee tobacco use

Employee tobacco use adds up quickly, negatively impacting healthcare costs and productivity while encouraging more on-the-clock breaks.

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Between excess healthcare costs and lost productivity, self-insured employers lose about $8,000 per person who smokes annually versus non-smokers. That adds up quickly.

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