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Pivot coaches are real people

No AI chat bot here. Pivot coaches understand the struggles of nicotine addiction and offer a safe place to talk about the challenges of quitting, helping develop strategies to overcome them.

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Built by science, beloved by members

There’s no one-size-fits-all quit program. That's why members are matched with a coach who stays with them for the duration of their journey.

Pivot believes that a good relationship starts with establishing trust. Coaches get to know program members on a personal level so they can find the best plan that can lead to a successful quit.

Secure conversations

Members connect with their coach through our private in-app chat. Coaches protect confidentially, giving members permission to talk openly about their struggles and successes.

Easily accessible

Coaches are available to chat any time - no appointment necessary. Members can message their coach at whatever time best for them.


Members can choose to quit, reduce, or learn more about their relationship with nicotine. As goals change, coaches support member growth, meeting members wherever they’re at in their journey.

Tailored experience

Every conversation is unique. Coaches can help members navigate a custom path through Pivot that fits their goal and lifestyle.

Pivot coaches make all the difference

10 min.

Spending 10 minutes per week with a coach makes all the difference


Members find 3.6x more success when working with a Pivot coach


Members have unlimited access to a designated Pivot coach via in-app chat

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I've been smoking since I was 13. I tried everything – nothing ever works. For the first time ever I see that this is working. It's changing my mindset, it's happening for me. I want to do it. I need to do it.


Meet the coaches

Pivot coaches are highly qualified

Pivot's coaches hold a four-year degree in a health-related field, are national board-certified Health and Wellness Coaches, and are certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists, the gold standard for evidence-based tobacco treatment.

Coaches are CTTTP certified

Pivot’s secret sauce

Program coaches do what they do because they’re genuinely passionate about improving wellbeing and even saving lives! They understand that success doesn’t happen overnight or without support.

This allows members to enact small changes over time while also troubleshooting both personal challenges and nicotine addiction struggles along the way.

Real-world success stories

What surprised me the most was how quickly I was able to quit with the help of my coach and the patches. Not only did she support the quitting aspect - she also encouraged my everyday concerns.


[Your coach] doesn’t just care about you quitting smoking, they make you better overall. It’s somebody who truly cares.


I tried quitting before but it wasn't until Pivot did I get all the help and support that I so badly needed.


Pivot is the best way to quit

Members can kick-start their personalized journey from the moment they enter the Pivot mobile app, easily accessing program features at any stage of quit.

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